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Name:Phoenix Wright Kink Meme
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to the longest running kink meme on the internet, the Phoenix Wright Kink meme!

Hosted with great thanks to teagueful/bludhavens since 2007, the meme is now hosted here on Dreamwidth.

The rules are simple:

- anything related to the Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban series is welcome!
- bestiality and child pornography will be removed

That's it! Request your filthiest or most innocent requests, (just about) everything goes here. There will be no changes in moderation style; the move to Dreamwidth is the biggest change and we want you to feel the transition is smooth and comfortable.

You can leave comments on Dreamwidth as a Livejournal user. You can also create a Dreamwidth account, and import all your livejournal entries. We moved to Dreamwidth because we were sick of Livejournal's nonsense, and Dreamwidth understands fandom.

The resources are great;

anon_press is updated daily with requests and fills. The folks there have been doing a magnificent job for years and deserve our great love and respect!

The Prompt Summary at automatically generates all prompts with fills for your perusal. It's fab!

Who mods this thing?

I'm sarahofcroydon. I've been on LJ since... god, 2002. I run narumitsu and kyodoroki, and though they're a little quiet my love for the Gyakuten Saiban series is a long one.
My intention is to stay hands off, with the exception of cleaning up wank and spam. That doesn't mean I'm not contactable; shoot me a message if there's an issue and I'll fix it up. <3
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